Jul 1, 2024

61st Aviagen Production Management School Promotes Knowledge Sharing and Networking

61st Group of Aviagen Production Management SchoolHUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Aviagen® North America concluded its 61st annual Production Management School on June 27. Taking place in Huntsville, Ala., the month-long event brought together 35 students from 20 countries, as they delved into best poultry management practices and experienced the benefits of “Breeding Success Together.”

In-depth insight, “train the trainer” approach

“Our goal with the North American School is to give our customers valuable perspectives on effective management techniques that have been proven to enhance both broiler and breeder welfare, sustainability and productivity in poultry operations,” explained Dr. Marc de Beer, President of Aviagen North America.

De Beer emphasized that, in addition to classroom theory, students gain practical experience on the farm, in the diagnostics laboratory, and at the feed mill. “Our approach is to ‘train the trainer,’ equipping them with the depth of knowledge needed to share their learnings with their colleagues back home.”

Expansive curriculum, practical experience

Highlights for students included visits to the Aviagen’s state-of-the-art Production Development Center in Albertville, Ala., Egg Distribution Center and Vet Lab in Elkmont, Ala., and Feed Mill in Pikeville, Tenn., as well as the National Poultry Technology Center at Auburn University.

Students became well-versed in crucial areas such as bird welfare, biosecurity, and compartmentalization for food safety and security, feed efficiency for greater sustainability, effective vaccination and disease management techniques, ventilation, essentials for leg and gut health, hatchery and incubation management, and the importance of water quality.

The comprehensive curriculum featured over 35 topics covering the latest innovations in poultry production. Participants engaged in seminars, workshops, and hands-on field experiences, led by Aviagen experts and guest lecturers specializing in veterinary care, nutrition, genetic research and development, production and farm management, and hatchery and incubation.

Building connections and lifelong networks

“Another important aspect of the Production Management School is the opportunity to connect and exchange ideas with like-minded poultry professionals from around the world,” added Taylor Davis, Digital and Event Marketing Specialist. Davis, along with Marketing Specialist Tanner Gallik, organized the school and incorporated team-building activities to foster lifelong connections among participants.

Demonstrating Excellence

Top Achievers for Aviagen Production Management School

Top achievers (L-R): Ahmed Sayed, Jongsu Ha, and Patrick Sakayo

Research shows that frequent testing enhances retention by reinforcing key concepts; therefore, students take weekly tests throughout the month, and at the end of the course, the top scorers are reconginized. Congratulations to this year’s top achievers:

Enthusiastic student response

“I valued the chance to learn the industry's latest management techniques and veterinary care from experienced experts. I had ample opportunities to receive one-on-one advice on our specific local challenges and best practices. I also appreciated the hospitality of our hosts,” commented Ahmed Sayed, Veterinary Care Assistant Manager at GPs Sector, Cairo Poultry Company (CPC), Egypt.

Alan Mair, Broiler Operations Manager, Turosi Food Solutions, Australia, added, “Thank you to the Aviagen staff for an excellent four weeks. They ensured we had a varied schedule, with plenty of time to connect and learn from our fellow students. The School enabled me to enhance my management knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the needs of Ross® birds, which will help me improve the performance, health, and welfare of my flocks at home.”

For more information about the Aviagen Production Management School, visit our school page.